Emerald Laser

3D Lipo


Triple Thermal Shock Therapy

Fat Dissolving Therapy


At Lindo Aesthetics we have invested in a large range of treatment options designed for body contouring and fat reduction.

We have 3 Body Contouring machines; 

Lipoglaze, which is traditional Cryolipolyis ( Fat Freezing).

Lipocontrast which offers Triple Thermal Shock technology for fast results.

3D Lipo Treatments - which combine a huge range of therapies in one machine, including HIFU ( Face & Body), Shockwave Therapy, Radio Frequency ( Face & Body) & Cryolipolysis.


We are proud to be Leicester City's first EMERALD LASER Clinic!

The Emerald Laser is the most advanced solution to fat reduction, it is a totally non-invasive treatment that uses low lever lasers to reduce fat. The treatment is pain free, with no side effects


In addition we also offer Fat Dissolving Therapy, which is in the form of injectable solutions designed to eliminate fat cells.

We offer bespoke treatment pathways to ensure your individual needs are addressed and can utilise one or all of the treatments to gain the best results for you!

Fat Reduction Treatments