ClinicCare Home Care Range Prices

Lip & Eye Renewal Cream 30ml - £42.50

Concentrated Cleansing Foam 100ml - £19.00

Dermo Corrective Cream SPF50 30ml - £44.00

Sun Shield Cream SPF30 50ml - £24.50

Glow Range

X3M EGF Glow Liquid Moisturiser 100ml -  £22.00

X3M EGF Glow Essence 50ml -  £40.00

X3M EGF Glow Serum 50ml - £40.00

Pure Range

X3M EGF Pure Liquid Moisturiser 100ml -  £22.00

X3M EGF Pure Essence 50ml - 40.00

X3M EGF Pure Serum 50ml -  £40.00

Refresh Range

X3M EGF Refresh Liquid Moisturiser 100ml -  £22.00

X3M EGF Refresh Essence 50ml -  £40.00

X3M EGF Refresh Serum 50ml - £40.00

Pure Range

The ClinicCare Pure range contains repairing and soothing antioxidents which calm and protect sensitive and irritated skin. Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid and natural plant extracts leave the skin hydrated for a clearer, healthier looking complexion.

Targets sensitive, irritated and inflamed skin

Refresh Range

The ClinicCare Refresh range contains low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid for deep skin hydration. While active ingredients such as adaptogenic herbs and sH-Oligopeptide-1 (EGF) help protect and restore skin tissue from stress and environmental factors. The result is smooth, refreshed and revitilised skin.

Targets fine lines, wrinkles and dehydrated skin.

Glow Range

The ClinicCare Glow range contains low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid for a long lasting boost of hydration and active ingredients such as Citrus Fruit extracts, enriched with Arbutin and Mulberry Bark extract which are designed to target problems such as Melasma, Age spots and hyperpigmentation. The result is restored luminosity and a brighter more radiant complexion.

Targets hyperpigmentation, age spots and dull tired skin.

Home Care Packages

Available in Glow, Refresh or Pure includes

Concentrated Cleansing Foam

Liquid Moisturiser

Essence & Serum

Sun Shield Cream

RRP £145.50 

Package Price £110!!