Plasma is one of the fourth states of matter - alongside solids, liquids and gases. The plasma used in the Neogen Spa is produced from medical grade Nitrogen gas. The hand piece creates a pulse of ultra-high radio frequency which converts the Nitrogen from gaseous to Plasma state. The thermal energy produced by this is transfered  onto the skin, targetting the areas of concern. The tissue treated will immediately contract as the distruption starts to trigger the skins natural healing process, prompting the increased production of collagen. The result is skin which is smoother fresher and younger looking.

What can NeoGen Spa treat?

Improve the appearance of fine lines

Improve the tone and texture of the skin

Soothe inflammation of active acne

Improve the appearance of acne scarring

Brighten and improve pigmentation

Minimise enlarged pores

Visibly resurface the skin

Lighten dark eye circles

Tighten and lift crepe skin - eyelids, neck

NeoGen Spa Treatments

Price List

Upper Eyes - £360

Upper & Lower Eyes - £420

Forehead - £360

Forehead, Eyes & Crows Feet - £500

Face - £450

Face & Upper & Lower Eyes - £570

Face, Upper & Lower Eyes & Neck - £700

Face & Neck -£615

Neck - £450

Decollete - £615

Face, Neck and Decollete £1200

Jowls - £500

Perioral Wrinkles -£500

Dark eye Circles - £420

Face Only - £450

Forehead - £360

Stretch Marks - From £200

Face, Neck & Decollete - £1200

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If you require more than one treatment or need a bespoke treatment - please call or text prior to booking