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What is Fat Freezing?

If you have stubborn areas of fatty deposits that no amount of diet or exercise can shift - Lipoglaze Fat Freezing may be the treatment for you!

The Lipoglaze machine targets the fat cells, which science has proved are more sensitive to the cold than nerves and skin. The fat cells are crystalised, the cool temperature starts natural safe cell death called 'apoptosis', the cells are then metabolised out of the body over a period of weeks. 

The treatment is permenant and totally non invasive. In the same principle as surgical liposuction which permenantly removes fat cells. Having an operation has certain risks such as infection, and has a longer down time. The beauty of cryolipolisis is that this can be done in a couple of hours with virtually no down time!

A full consultation is performed to ensure suitability. The appointment will take around 90 minutes, with the actual treatment lasting an hour. The vacuum cup is placed onto the area to be treated, initially you may experience a strong pulling sensation as the lipoglaze is first applied. Within a few minutes this settles down. Bring a good book or your tablet with you while the lipoglaze does all the hard work!

Afterwards, you may feel slightly sore and bruised for a few days. 

For the best results stick to a healthy lifestyle, refrain from alcohol for at least seven days post treatment and drink plenty of water.


Am I Eligible?

Please click this link for access to the pre consultation questionnaire. To complete the form click enable editing.

If you do have one or more of the conditions mentioned, this may not rule out your ability to have Lipoglaze - however please contact us prior to your appointment